The Stage

What is The Stage?

The Stage is the area where all the attendees take a seat to inspire themselves with all the sensational stories of the Speakers, the amazing shows of the Artists and many other incredible things.

Confirmed Speakers

Aya Chebbi

UN Advisor and Founder & Chair of Afrika Youth Movement

Pan-African feminist activist and renowned blogger whose mission is to radicalize youth into social change

Ndja Elong William

CEO of Will & Brothers

First civil drones creator in Africa.

Erik Abrahamsson

Founder & CEO of Digital Fineprint

How to help insurers to predict what products are right for each person

Ben Towers

Young entrepreneur

“One of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world”, Richard Brandson

Kriti Sharma

Advisor on AI, Sage

Inventor of the first Chabot for business finance.

Eliane Kirschbaum

Founder of FTHESUN

Leader of an awareness movement about the dangers of skin cancer and fashion designer that protects against solar UV radiation.

Joshua Kevin

Founder and CEO of

Creator of a software that is revolutionizing the Human Resources World.


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And more speakers to be confirmed

Confirmed Artists

César Brandon Ndjocu


The winner of GOT Talent 2018 thanks to his poetry

Iñigo Arroyo

BMX Acrobat

The BMX Acrobat that when he stopped thinking, began to shine

Victor Santos


A prodigy of the electric guitar

Erik Sjøholm


Compared with artists like Ed Sheeran and Jack Johnson by Risto Mejide

And more artists to be confirmed


Josh Torgerdow

"una frase sobre el presentador"